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Customized Solutions for SLPs


SLP Coaching Services Related to Providing Neurodiversity-Affirming Therapy


In-Services and Trainings for Private Practices and Schools


Private Practice Support via Custom Backend Systems 

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Private Practice Solutions

Easy-to-implement solutions are customized to your company’s paperwork pain points.

I provide digital organization services primarily for Google Workspace (formerly called GSuite). These services include:

  • Learning the current pain points for paperwork and digital materials

  • Setting up an EMR using Google Workspace

  • Setting up tracking for expenses through Google Forms 

  • Creating templates for SOAPs and Evaluations

  • Creating a deadline timeline on Google Sheets that automatically tells you how many days until a task is due

  • Training staff on the new system

  • Reviewing and updating Google Workspace for HIPAA compliance

After we have completed the organization system, I offer onboarding support for your team. Last, we have a follow-up meeting after you have used the new system for a few weeks to make changes as needed.

Private Practice Solutions

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SLP Coaching

For many clinicians, both new and experienced, taking a neurodiversity-affirming approach to therapy services based on information shared by self-advocates feels novel and overwhelming. I believe that the best way to promote neurodiversity-affirming services is to help other professionals understand why and how. 

I provide consultative services and trainings on neurodiversity-affirming services and supports for clinicians, practices, schools, and colleges. Consultative and trainings services include:

  • An introduction to the neurodiversity paradigm and the neurodiversity movement

  • Introductions to important terms and concepts using case studies

  • Case review to identify strategies for particular clients

  • Guidance for developing an approach and appropriate strategies for supporting and providing services to Autistic and Neurodivergent clients

  • Teaching innovative and evidence-based strategies for professionals and families

Meet Bobbi

Bobbi Adams-Brown, M.A., CCC-SLP

I am an experienced pediatric speech-language pathologist with complementary degrees in elementary education and speech pathology. I am dedicated to providing neurodiversity-affirming therapy and educating others so they are more confident working with Autistic and Neurodivergent clients. I have invested years into learning from autistic and neurodivergent self-advocates and constantly expand my knowledge with each family that I work with in my private practice.

I am also passionate about supporting fellow private practice owners with digital organization services so they can run their practices more efficiently. My private practice support services are aimed at saving my clients both time and money while reducing frustration and increasing productivity. 


Previous Presentations and Training Include:

  • South Carolina Speech-Language-Hearing Association on the changes to the diagnostic criteria for autism in the DSM-5 (2015)

  • American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association national conference in 2019 on video self-modeling to teach new skills, particularly for Autistic students and clients

  • Maximizing the use of GSuite/Google Workspace for The Independent Clinician

Getting Started

My rate is $100/hour for all SLP support services. Packages are available, pricing upon request. Trainings vary in price by distance, length, and complexity. Please contact me for pricing. 

Private Practice Support

For private practice support and professional trainings, I provide a free initial consultation to learn about your current needs. Use the link below to schedule a consultation or you can 

email me with an overview of your current areas of need and your availability for a call. I will follow up with you via phone, email, or video meeting.


Coaching Services

Book your coaching session using the link below. We will meet over Zoom at a time that is convenient for you. Prior to our meeting, you can send me information about what you would like our session to focus on. After the call, I will send a follow-up email along with resources and recommendations. 


Trainings & Inservices

We will begin with an initial consultation to discuss your interests, goals, and audience for a custom training experience. I will follow up our call with a proposal and pricing information. You can use the link below to book a consult or email me with your current areas of interest. I will follow up with you via phone, email, or video meeting.


"Bobbi gave me immediately actionable suggestions and gave me direction for further study. She made herself available for follow up questions after our consultation"

"I reached out to Bobbi during my CF year when I needed guidance on how to serve my autistic clients better.  Bobbi specifically listened to my struggles with how I was approaching my treatment sessions, gave me immediately actionable suggestions, and gave me direction for further study. She made herself available for follow-up questions after our consultation. Her explanation of the why behind certain communication trends I was seeing clinically continues to positively impact how I educate caregivers and approach a clinical challenge. I hope to use her again as I continue to refine my practice and align myself better with neurodiversity-affirming practices.”


- Carlie Madsen, M.S., CCC-SLP

Contact Bobbi

Reach out to Bobbi directly or fill out the form below.

Phone: 707-234-7007

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