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Anchor Creek speech therapy Provides Neurodiversity-affirming support for extraordinary kids and their families

Serving Families Across California & Nevada

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If you are looking for compassionate care that moves beyond compliance-based methods, you are in the right place! I provide neurodiversity-affirming speech therapy services for Autistic and Neurodivergent individuals and their families. It is my mission to foster meaningful connections and improve the quality of life of the children and families I serve. I am based in Fairfield, CA, and offer telehealth services throughout the state of California.

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I take time to develop a deep understanding of each child’s language abilities while uncovering the underlying factors contributing to their communication challenges. Once I figure out what the true problem is, I develop a personalized plan to reduce communication barriers and build new skills. 

My language therapy sessions go beyond worksheets and flashcards to integrate functional and real-life activities. I also teach families strategies to help support their child’s language development and demonstrate how those strategies can be easily integrated into the things they already do together.

social Skills and
self advocacy

I discuss communication styles and teach my clients self-advocacy strategies, to help them engage in social environments and experience less stress during social interactions. I will never write compliance-based goals or promote masking to make a child seem “less Autistic.” 


I believe that all children should be encouraged to be themselves, so my therapy sessions do not attempt to make a child appear neurotypical. I help my clients succeed socially by helping them build self-advocacy skills, increase autonomy, and reduce the likelihood that they will be taken advantage of or harmed by others. 

social skills


I help families and professionals understand and respect a “total communication” approach, which values all means of communication equally. Whether a child uses mouth words, typing, buttons, signs, or a speech-generating device, all forms of communication are honored.  


Many of my clients benefit from AAC systems, which can promote language development and help to decrease frustration. A key component of AAC therapy is training families and professionals that interact with the child. I also offer step-by-step strategies to help clients use AAC effectively for robust communication.

caregiver coaching

Coaching services focus on empowering families to understand their child’s needs and support their development within the day-to-day. We will begin by creating a child and family-centered plan of care with specific goals and action items for our coaching sessions. Together we will creatively address the challenges you and/or your child are experiencing, and I will share information from autistic and neurodivergent voices, as well as the most recent clinical research to help guide our approach. Along with coaching sessions, I also help families connect with community programs and online resources.

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Meet Bobbi

Bobbi Adams Brown, M.A. CCC-SLP

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I am an experienced pediatric speech-language pathologist with complementary degrees in elementary education and speech pathology. I founded Anchor Creek Speech Therapy Inc. out of a desire to revolutionize the way that we serve autistic and neurodivergent children in speech therapy. My practice focuses on connection over compliance, and integrating neurodiversity affirming therapy approaches. I have invested years into learning from autistic and neurodivergent self-advocates in order to best serve my clients, and I learn something new from each family that I work with.

I graduated from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina with a B.S. in Elementary Education, and went on to earn my M.A. in Speech Pathology and Audiology from South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Early on in my career, I was awarded the


Distinguished Early Career Professional (ECP) Certificate for leadership and advocacy, from the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). I am committed to lifelong learning, and I am passionate about integrating research, clinical experiences, and the lived experiences of autistic self-advocates into my therapy sessions.


"Our experience with Bobbi has been amazing. From the beginning, she made us feel at ease knowing that she was very knowledgeable about neurodivergent children. We went from not knowing what our son needed or how to communicate with him to him talking nonstop! Speech has changed our lives, and you will be so happy to have Bobbi on your side."

The Blum Family

Getting Started

Getting Started


Step 1

Click here to begin with a free consultation call where I will answer your questions, and we will discuss your concerns and make a plan to get you started receiving the services you need. We will work together to determine how to best gather information for therapy planning, including formal assessment, dynamic assessments, interviews, or observations. You may schedule your first session via phone or email.

Step 2

Participate in a communication evaluation. This may take several sessions to allow for a more thorough understanding of a client’s abilities on different days. Evaluations are strengths-based and focused on what an individual CAN do, as well as areas where they may need support. You will receive a diagnosis code that can be used when applying for insurance reimbursement.

Step 3

Begin attending regular speech-language therapy sessions to work toward your communication goals. Of note, therapy sessions always include an aspect of caregiver coaching to help new skills transfer into real life contexts. I provide families with demonstrations, feedback, resources, and handouts to implement strategies at home with confidence. 


I am licensed to practice in California and Nevada and can provide therapy services via teletherapy anywhere in the state. I am based in Fairfield, California, and work with families primarily via teletherapy across the state.



The easiest way to get started is to book your free consultation call here.

You can also reach out to Bobbi directly or use the form below.

Fax: 707-402-6440

Serving all of California and Nevada through teletherapy, with services local to Fairfield, CA.

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