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Frequently Asked Questions

About Therapy Services

Do you only work with kids who are Autistic or Neurodivergent? 

Definitely not! I have a passion for creative problem solving for people of all ages and abilities and work with any child needing speech therapy including late talking, children with speech sound disorders, language delays and disorders, etc. I have worked with many neurotypical children and have helped them and their families to reach their communication goals. Regardless of age, abilities, needs, etc., I provide compassionate and evidence-based care tailored to my clients' goals. 

Are there any skills that my child needs to have before we start speech therapy? 

Nope! I’ve heard many caregivers say that they’ve heard that their child needed to be speaking, or pointing, or able to sit at a table before they start speech therapy. However, language development starts from birth! There are no prerequisites for a child to be able to benefit from skilled speech therapy services.

What if my child can’t sit still or pay attention to a screen? 

Regardless of whether the child speaks or sits at a table, I always prioritize helping the family learn and implement strategies that can be used throughout the week, not just during our session. What I can do in an hour is nothing compared to what a caregiver can do in a week if they know what to do! In cases where the child doesn’t like to interact directly via camera, I may take a caregiver coaching approach and guide the caregiver on things they can do with their child during the session. I will actively be providing directions and support so the caregiver feels confident in implementing the strategies by the end of the session. In cases where a child may be stressed out by being on camera, families do a combination of recording videos and/or giving me detailed explanations about what they have noticed about their child since the last session.

Coaching is an evidence-based service delivery model used in therapy sessions for children of different ages and abilities, allowing children to make progress that is equal to or greater than with direct therapy alone. In my personal experience, I have seen clients make substantial gains in short periods of time using the parent coaching model. 

My child can say anything we tell them to, but doesn’t say anything first. Is that something you can help with?

Yes! There are many reasons why this could be, and I can work with your family to figure out what could be the reason and how best to support them and their language development.

I think my child may need AAC, do you do that?

I do not provide AAC evaluations. However, I do provide AAC suggestions based on informal observations and device trialing (trying out one or more communication systems to see what the person prefers). I also train caregivers and other communication partners how to use AAC effectively, and use AAC during sessions to model or as visual support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About SLP Support Services

How are you able to organize my files?

You create an account for me in your Google Workspace, or you give me access to your account briefly for me to set it up for you to allow me to access your company drive from within the company, rather than using an outside account. After I have access to your Google Workspace Drive, I meet with you via video conference or phone call to figure out what would work best for you and your company and then implement the plan based on your needs.

Can you move all of my files into each folder they belong to after you organize them?

Typically it takes around 3 hours to fully set up the organization system and templates for a private practice. Organizing individual files into individual folders is something that I can do, but it is typically time-intensive. Practices generally feel like it is easier for me to set up the system and then provide them with a document explaining it so that they or one of their admin/employees can sort the files accordingly.

I have paper files… can you do those?

While I can’t scan your paper files in for you, if you have a paper document that you want made into a template, I can possibly create that for you.

What if I book you and I need more time?

We can schedule additional time if you feel it would be beneficial.

Will you teach me how to use it or will I always need to hire you?

I try to organize things in such a way that it feels natural for the users. I also make sure to train and provide an onboarding document that explains how to use it. However, if you would like for me to periodically make adjustments or sort for you, I am happy to do so.

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